About Yorth Group

Yorth Group is a restorative infrastructure design, development, and advisory firm that guides cities and industries beyond sustainability through an integrated and market-based approach.

Yorth partners with governments and local stakeholders to develop Regenerative Districts and the private, public and civic sectors to design for and realize Circular Economy.

OBJECTIVE // Our objective is to drive a restorative and circular development model that empowers organizations and communities to do well by doing good – to generate economic prosperity through closed-loop and sustainable resource management, ecosystem restoration, and social enrichment.

To fulfill its objective, Yorth:

+ Utilizes its Yorth Insights™, an objective benchmarking, assessment, modeling, and management platform to guide its clients to restorative, circular success across environmental, social and economic performance areas.

+ Designs Integrated Utility Hubs (IUH), high-performance district based utility and community centers that integrate utilities into a single system, combining industry-leading resource recovery, waste-to-energy, water purification, and food production functions in a single building.

+ Designs Integrated Utility Systems™ (IUS) to connect the IUH with the community and optimize energy, water, waste, internet, and transportation infrastructure at a distributed and district-based scale. The IUS designs include the capture, reclamation and reuse/reproduction of material flow within the district and city in a Circular Economic context.

+ Creates regenerative and dynamic urban habitat Designs that integrate the physical infrastructure such as roadways, building, waterways, utilities and eco-system with the non-physical infrastructure such as health, education, engagement and inclusion, — and artificial intelligence (AI).

+ Partners with Industries to find their place within the circular economy and to realize the benefits of restorative development, a key to long-term resilience and growth.

The Yorth approach is market based and leapfrogs green and sustainable development while delivering unparalleled levels of practicality and performance.