Yorth is a restorative design firm with a focus on circularity.

We believe the circular economy can’t succeed in a broken system. That’s why Yorth is committed to systemic solutions. Our objective is to drive a restorative and circular development model that empowers companies, cities and communities to do well by doing good – to generate economic prosperity through closed-loop resource management, ecosystem restoration, and increased socio-economic equity.

What we’ve been working on

Yorth developed a net-positive utility plan to catalyze a rural economic transition in the United States.
Yorth assessed the global circular footprint of a manufacturing company based in Europe.
Yorth created a circular ESG strategy for a Norwegian company seeking to apply circular economic principles in three global locations.
Yorth conducted a circular economic infrastructure feasibility study for a large city in the United States.

Our Services


Proprietary metrics and measurement tools for the circular economy, circular ESG reporting, corporate sustainability, and risk management.


Design of circular infrastructure and governance systems with a focus on the restorative foundations required to achieve net-positive outcomes.


Stakeholder management, innovative financing tools, detailed roadmaps, and oversight over actions to move from vision to impact.


Comprehensive restorative and circular economic education for industry, government, developers, utility companies, and more. 

“Organizations struggle to live up to their ambitions because their goals are created in siloes. This leads to incremental improvements in a broken system. We help provide an actionable framework for aligning economic, social and environmental goals. Our work is not done until our clients have a new definition of success and a measurement system in place to provide clarity, accountability and a more holistic oversight over actions.”

— Bjorgvin Saevarsson, Founder of Yorth Group