The Yorth Group designs, builds, finances, and operates high-performance integrated grid solutions that deliver zero waste, renewable energy, closed-loop water, ultra-high speed internet, fresh food, and emissions-free vehicle infrastructure for communities of diverse scale and need.

Integrated Infrastructure Solutions power resilient and resource secure districts, cities, and regions.

The Integrated Utility Hub

Yorth’s Integrated Utility Hub (IUH) is a high-performance neighborhood sustainability center that integrates industry leading waste-to-energy, water purification, food production, and materials recovery and remanufacturing functions. The IUH is highly scalable and supports communities that range from remote villages to major metropolitan areas.

Integrated Utility System

Yorth’s Integrated Utility System (IUS) is a highly coordinated district-scaled utility grid that connects the IUH to the community and public realm. The IUS optimizes energy, water, waste, IT, and mobility infrastructure as a unified system and delivers substantial economic and performance benefits to conventional grid approaches.