Yorth Insights™

Benchmarks, metrics, and tools for circular economy

A proprietary and robust consulting, planning, and management platform that guides to restorative and circular success.

Yorth Insights™ (YI)  is a powerful and objective consulting, planning & management platform that guides to restorative success and unparalleled levels of performance. It provides precise and objective metrics across twelve key performance areas while measuring synergistic relationships between the parts, exposing risks and outcomes from multiple scenarios simultaneously.

The Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) tool is guaranteed to take the guesswork out of sustainability and provide a clear and holistic picture. It captures hundreds and sometimes thousands of data points across key social, environmental, and economic performance areas and maps them against the Restorative City Standard™ and the Restorative Business Standard™, two pioneering development standards that provide the goals and vision of net-positive urban and industrial development. Utilizing proprietary algorithms, the Insights Performance Assessment™ tool generates a precise score for each performance area, and when cumulated can accurately represent our clients’ unique footprint in regards to its social, environmental, economic, and brand health.

Yorth’s Ecological Equity Statement™ (EES) tool is designed specifically to provide a system-wide lens on any given investment or action. It generates traditional proformas and financial calculations for familiarity but it adds true-cost-accounting and system-wide effect and ripple effects for a deeper understanding. It also generates environmental, social, and economic equity statements in objective scores to provide an objective and non-financial viewpoint.

The tools within the Insights Platform provide important support for sustainable development, such as:

  • A clear definition of sustainability
  • Clear and precise benchmarking tool and metrics
  • Ability to report outcomes in objective scoring and true-cost accounting
  • A clear system-wide viewpoint that also exposes the synergies between the parts
  • A clear definition of success