Equipping Business for the Circular Economy

Given the finite horizon of our resources and accelerating environmental crises, companies will not be able to continue to operate and do business as usual over the next decades and century.

Many companies have set sustainability goals and are actively reducing their footprint. However, sustainability is not an attainable goal when externalities are not fully measured and accounted for at a system-wide level. As a consequence, good intentions lead to incremental improvements in a broken system.

The transition towards the circular economy provides a shift towards a new growth paradigm that promises to benefit business, society, and the environment alike. As they explore their options to become more circular, companies again risk making improvements only in siloes, such as supply chains, while missing out on the synergies of a more holistic approach, which may require collaboration across industries and with the public sector.

Our Approach
Because we believe that metrics and measurement are the foundation for circular success, we specialize in insights that prepare the business for a journey beyond the next 100 years. Yorth Group provides the necessary benchmarks and measurement tools that help businesses realize circular economic goals. Our precision benchmarking, measurement, scenario planning, and reporting tools allow us to generate designs that detail the path and the steps required to realize the ultimate short-and long-term successes along the way. Some of the components include:
  • Circular economic accounting
  • Value chain performance assessment
  • Impact models and scenario planning
  • Circular ESG strategies and reporting
  • Integrated and automatic risk assessment
  • Circular Design models to determine best use and true-cost value of reclaimed materials
  • Increased and more meaningful consumer messaging and engagement
  • Industrial symbiosis and eco-innovation designs
  • Ability to measure success beyond financial values alone
  • Matching businesses with opportunities in the circular economy
  • Industry and government integration
  • Clear oversight over actions
  • Clear communication of progress
Circular Insights provides a long-term management solution for businesses. Once a baseline assessment of a business’s footprint has been performed, ongoing measurement and monitoring ensure improvements are made in direct alignment with company goals.
The Performance Assessment

With highly detailed data on the current performance, Circular Insights (CI) functions as a powerful analysis tool that exposes a strategic path to restorative and circular success.

CI provides a comprehensive gap analysis between current performance and restorative goals across each of Yorth’s Restorative Business Standards’ (RBS) key performance areas. This offers business leaders a clear understanding of what level of innovation is required to achieve restorative goals, what strategic actions are capable of delivering to them, and what values and benefits the restorative approach provides.

The platform also benchmarks an organization against internal and external trends, compliance, and potential risks, and connects seamlessly and naturally to other corporate programs and guidelines, including Global Reporting Initiative, Corporate Social Responsibility measures, UN Sustainable Development Goals, The Paris Climate Action Agreement, social, environmental, and economic compliance programs, marketing strategies, and more.