The Yorth team provides comprehensive education on circular economy to governments, developers, corporations, and industry associations around the globe. Our Circular Economy educational platform is designed to provide our clients with clarity, practicality, and context and, when required, a deeper, customized demonstration and modeling for specific scenarios.

Our Circular Economy sessions take on big and small issues within sustainability and provide clear and concise answers and direction.  Key focus is on practicality and demonstration on ‘how’ circular economy is implemented.

Seminars and Presentations

(1-4 hour sessions)
  1. What is “circular economy” and how is it different from “sustainability”
  2. How to measure and report circular economy
  3. How to communicate the circular economy message
  4. Circular economy in supply chains
  5. Circular economy and climate change
  6. Circular economy for developers
  7. Circular economy for utility companies
  8. Circular economy for cities and governments
  9. Circular economy and climate actions
  10. Circular economy and social wellbeing

Intermediary level:

  1. Circular Economy: from concept to implementation. (Part I)
  2. How to communicate in a circular economy
  3. Governance
  4. Financing circular economy

Advanced level:

(requires part I to be completed prior)
  1. Circular Economy: from concept to implementation. (Part II)
  2. Legal environment
  3. Governance (deep dive)
  4. Financing circular economy (customized for specific requests)

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