Björgvin Sævarsson 
[Byorg*vin Sigh*ver*son]  

Chief Executive Officer

Bjorgvin is an expert in regenerative designs and circular economy. He has developed pioneering circular economic benchmarks, metrics, and design tools that have been used to assess cities and regions for restorative and circular economic development; initiated programs that match utility companies, developers, communities, and industries with the full restorative and circular potential; assembled teams of global engineering, construction, and development partners for large circular infrastructure development projects. He also teaches circular economy to a global community of sustainability leaders and executives, including the members of Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy Master Class, as a part of the circular economy team from University of Exeter in the UK.  

Together with U.S. government agencies and global organizations, Bjorgvin leads a long-term program on restorative economics for government and industry leaders in the US and Europe. This groundbreaking program is aimed to strengthen transatlantic relations at the city and regional level while building technical and financial capacity for large-scale implementation of circular economic infrastructure, strategies, and governance. 

Bjorgvin has been a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Expert Network and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 Program (CE100). 

Prior to his work at Yorth, Bjorgvin developed local, sustainable and free-range agricultural programs in Minnesota, the nation’s first to tell the whole story from farm to table. In his younger days, he spent over one thousand days at sea on Icelandic and Russian fishing vessels, where he invented and inspired new sustainable ways to harvest species that were considered waste, resulting in immediate value of over $1 million in the first year alone.  

As strategy and project lead, Katie manages project teams and client relationships to create circular economic and restorative strategies. At Yorth, Katie collaborates with leaders from the public and private sector to advance a vision and implementation of restorative development that yields economic, social and environmental benefits across sectors.  

Before joining Yorth, Katie was a Senior Strategist at Rêve, where she helped organizations grow by helping teams develop new strategies, services, and products; and catalyze new ways of working within complex and siloed organizations. 

Throughout her career, Katie held various roles in the sustainability space. At EDF, the world’s largest public utility,  she shaped strategic positioning and communications for France’s first offshore wind park. Katie started her career at the United Nations, where she had the opportunity to contribute to the development of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), the formal mechanism to apply true cost accounting to ecosystem services.  

Katie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and a Master of Arts in Communications from Sciences Po, France. 

Katie Eggers
[Kaa*tee Eggers]  

Strategy & Project Lead